Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chachi and the texts

There's no such thing as 'dating' according to my family. No seriously, there's not. I'd say I'm a cute girl. I'd say I have a lot to offer a guy. But I have to tell you...having 4 older brothers and my parents and my uncles and aunts and friends and... well, you get the idea. But anyways, there's really not. On the odd chance I go on a date and have a *gasp* relationship it's someone who knows our family. Makes for awkward reunions once we break up...

Anyways, I wanted to tell a story about my last semi-serious relationship. We will call him Chachi. :) Chachi was a winner I thought. So cute. Such a good guy. Surprise flowers all the time. Family loved him. He was a great guy. Pretty close to his mother, which could be a pain, but he's a Good Greek Boy. (aka a GGB according to the 7some). We were together for 8 months. Have known eachother forever. And looooved spending time together. We ended up growing apart. But I was sure things would work out again...

Well Chachi sent me a text message last night, it went like this:

Chachi: hey what up
Me: hey! long time no talk, how are you?
Chachi: im good. busy. r u going to greek fest 2night?
Me: yeah, me and the 7some were planning on it (No, I really do say 7some often. Seriously.)
Chachi: i'd luv to see u. ive been missin u.
Me: is that so?
Chachi: wear my favorite jeans i wanna see u
Me: oh yeah? well we'll see. ;)
Chachi: my girl is working 2night. so im free.
Me: .....

End Convo.

I swear....I pick winners.


Spray Tan

I spray tanned today. I have to wait 8 hours before getting a teeny bit wet. Or I look like this:
Oh crap.


Worship & Sun.

Today is a beautiful day. And although I'm busy later. Right now, I'm putting on my iPod to a worship playlist and going to lay in the sun.

Enjoy your day!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Greek Festival.

This weekend is our church's Greek Festival. It happens every year. Every year the 7some and I get decked out in our best Greek Gear and get on with the party. It's Friday, Saturday and Sunday after church. Friday night and Sunday night are the time to be there.

Few shots of Ouzo and we are good to go! Opa!



Who am I?

I'm Lia. I'm 23. I'm going to be 24 on August 9th. I'm most defined by my heritage. I'm Greek. If that raises any red flags, it should. I'm single. I work in the family business as phoneanswerer/partyplanner/peopledealer/billpaying/officemanager. I am one of 5 children. I am the only girl. And I happen to be the baby. I have 4 older, protective, pain in the butt brothers. We are all 2 years apart. I have a mother and a father who are still married. I am a thea. Which is Aunt in Greek. I have 4 nephews. I have a chihuahua, Apollo, who is my whole life. He has a sister named, Artemis. And their father is named Zeus. Yes my family is that proud of our culture and heritage that we have a family of dogs named after Greek Gods. Olympian ones at that. I have a last name that is 13 letters long. There goes that Greek again. I'm single. And expected to marry a Greek. So I can make Greek babies. (Quoted from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) I like to write. I started a blog to document the best years of my life. I have a group of 6 girlfriends plus me, who have been my life long friends and aren't going anywhere. We are the fierce 7some. We always laugh at that name. I am the 7th out of the group to get a blog. None of us are married. Or have babies. I live in Jersey. Don't judge me as a Jersey Girl though. The 7 of us go to the Jersey Shore every weekend in the summer. I don't have an obnoxious accent. But I am very loud. I went to college. I hated it. I want to get a real estate license. I love pink. I love shopping. I love to get my hair done and my nails. I'm an all around girly girl because I was the only one in the family. My main family consists of 9 uncles and 5 aunts. I have uncountable cousins. I am the youngest out of all. I was raised as a Greek Orthodox. We still go to church every Sunday morning as a family. Even though none of us live at home. We all live within 10 minute car drive of each other. Two of my brothers live in the same condo complex as I do. One is married with a wife, 1 boy and a home And the other is married with a wife, 3 boys and a home. When you put my whole family together you'd think a tornado hit. We are all loud. And obnoxious. We yell Opa and take shots of Ouzo. We really are the Greek family you think of from movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Welcome to my life. Opa!