Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chachi and the texts

There's no such thing as 'dating' according to my family. No seriously, there's not. I'd say I'm a cute girl. I'd say I have a lot to offer a guy. But I have to tell you...having 4 older brothers and my parents and my uncles and aunts and friends and... well, you get the idea. But anyways, there's really not. On the odd chance I go on a date and have a *gasp* relationship it's someone who knows our family. Makes for awkward reunions once we break up...

Anyways, I wanted to tell a story about my last semi-serious relationship. We will call him Chachi. :) Chachi was a winner I thought. So cute. Such a good guy. Surprise flowers all the time. Family loved him. He was a great guy. Pretty close to his mother, which could be a pain, but he's a Good Greek Boy. (aka a GGB according to the 7some). We were together for 8 months. Have known eachother forever. And looooved spending time together. We ended up growing apart. But I was sure things would work out again...

Well Chachi sent me a text message last night, it went like this:

Chachi: hey what up
Me: hey! long time no talk, how are you?
Chachi: im good. busy. r u going to greek fest 2night?
Me: yeah, me and the 7some were planning on it (No, I really do say 7some often. Seriously.)
Chachi: i'd luv to see u. ive been missin u.
Me: is that so?
Chachi: wear my favorite jeans i wanna see u
Me: oh yeah? well we'll see. ;)
Chachi: my girl is working 2night. so im free.
Me: .....

End Convo.

I swear....I pick winners.



  1. Dang.
    It's ok...I have a tendency to pick real winners, too. :)

  2. omg.... i cannot believe he said that!!
    Males.......... GGJ Good Greek JERK!!!

  3. oh wow girl! i would have been speechless too!

  4. kick chachi to the curb!