Monday, June 1, 2009

What's in a name?

My spray tan went lovely. I'm the perfect shade of caramel as far as I'm concerned. Ahhhhh victory!

Anyways, I've gotten comments about my name on this blog, my 20SB page, and in real life.

My name is Lia. Not Leah. It's lie-uh. I know sounds like LIAR! But. It's Greek. And at least it's not Atreus. (Haha. I <3 you big brother.) It means "Bringer of Good News" :) That's why you should be my friend.

My middle name is Arieana. Which is said like "Are-e-n-uh". It means "silver".

And then my last name. Is so Greek it would have smacked ya in the face. It's 12 letters and more than anyone should have to learn.

In other news, Apollo has a vet appointment tomorrow. And because today was a ridic hard day at work with the fam, I'm so excited to have an excuse to not go there tomorrow. YAY! (Sorry's not you. It's totally the rest. Haha.)



  1. Love your blog! Isn't 20sb great? I'm glad you did the phonetics, because in my head I was reading it "leah" :)

  2. lol i love it "Sorry dad, it's not you, it's totally the rest"...


    p.s. i love your name! so pretty!

  3. p.s. i'm one of your newest followers! :) yay!

  4. Thanks! Now I will read it right in my head. :) I think it's a beautiful name. I love names with cool meanings.

  5. Thanks for telling us the pronounciation of your name...I always hate when I can't figure out how a name is pronounced when I read it!