Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have an addiction to handbags. But I'm not the only one of the 7some. So today, we went on the prowl for handbags.

I took a long lunch from work, and by long lunch, I mean I didn't go back. (Love ya Dad!) We met up at the local Starbucks, and went on the hunt. Our mission? Find an adorable bag, for Summer, for under $400. We definitely succeeded.

Here are all of our bags:

Hype "Noemie" Bag-$295.00

Nine West Agnes Croco Medium Flap Bag-$89.00

B. Makowsky Los Angeles Metallic Tote-$288.00 

Dooney & Bourke "Buffalo"-$235.00

Dooney & Bourke "Chiara"-$345.00

Michael Kors "Beverly"-$368.00

Michael Kors "Tribal Zebra"-$398.00

All from Macy's. Of course I bought the most expensive one. Thanks Daddy!

Yay! Aren't they all adorable? What's your favorite one?

Tonight I'm going over to dinner at my parents, and I get to kiss cheeks of all my little nephews. :) Which always makes me excited. While out today I picked them all up little outfits. Including matching 4th of July outfits. Thea loves you boys! :)



  1. "and by long lunch, I mean I didn't go back..." HAHAHA!!! love it.

    Omg handbagasms! YAY. I love the Zoe one. And all at Macys? I think a trip is in my future...

  2. I love you already and I haven't even read your blog... just your header!!!! Off to read your blog now.

  3. Love you even more now that I know we have the same taste in handbags. Have you checked out his (Michael Kors) shoes yet?? And dont get me started on Steve Maddens!

  4. "handbagasms" LOL! :)
    Seriously, I'm so addicted. They're all so different, I like them all! However, I'm on a pink kick so I'm going with the Dooney & Burke!

  5. love the handbag... love it... it's a problem

  6. You have such a cute blog! And I have quite an addiction to handbags as well. My husband never understand why I need so many different bags & shoes! I looove the one you bought and also the black Dooney & Burke! Good taste :)

  7. You definitely got the cutest bag! Anything zebra print is my favorite. :D

  8. I definitely think your pick was the best and in a close second the bag angeline chose. i heart bags..i just got myself a really cute one from Friis & Company. Love it ^.^